Office for Equity and Diversity: Equity and Diversity Certificate Program

The Office for Equity and Diversity Education program is offering our Equity and Diversity Certificate workshops online this fall through ECHO (Equity Certificate Hosted Online). Please sign up for our Education Program email to stay up to date on ECHO.

Teaching Assistant and Postdoc Professional Development Program

This program offers graduate students and postdocs formal recognition for investing in teaching-related professional development. After successfully completing the required elements of the program, you'll receive a formal letter of recognition from the Center for Educational Innovation.

Other Resources within the University of Minnesota

Office for Conflict Resolution

Contact them with issues regarding conflict resolution in the workplace

Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Center

Contact them for issues regarding harassment and discrimination

The Aurora Center

Contact the Aurora Center for issues regarding sexual assault, relationship abuse, or domestic violence

UMN Mental Health Resources

Do not hesitate to seek out mental health services! There are many services, from individual counseling to crisis hotlines.

Newsletter Archive

Click here to access the SOAR Newsletter Archive for past topics and additional resources.